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Getting Married at St. Mary

Wedding at St. Mary Catholic Church - Dayton, OH  45410


We thank you for considering St. Mary Church as a possible choice for your wedding.  We try to do our best to make your special day as stress-free as possible.  There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to wedding planning, such as date and time of your wedding, how long can you be in the church on your wedding day, what time can you arrive at the church, the size of your wedding party, having children as part of your wedding party, flowers, candles, etc.

To start your wedding process, the first thing you need to do is call our parish office at 937-256-5633 to reserve a possible wedding date and time.  At that time we will send you the most recent rules and regulations for weddings held at St. Mary.  We do not require that you be a parishioner at St. Mary to get married here, but either the bride or groom must be Catholic and both parties must be free to marry in the Catholic Church.  When you call for a possible date, if available we will reserve that date for you for two weeks without a deposit in order for you and your fianc√© to look over the wedding regulations.  We do not schedule weddings less than six months from the date of your inquiry.  We do not schedule weddings more than one year in advance.  We do not schedule more than one wedding per weekend.  We do not schedule weddings on holiday weekends.

We ask that you carefully read all the rules and regulations regarding weddings at St. Mary.  While you may have already chosen certain members of your wedding party, please understand that we have certain rules that must be adhered to regarding the numbers of wedding party members and the ages of children in your wedding party.  St. Mary has the final decision on all matters regarding weddings.

Once you have chosen St. Mary for your wedding, you then begin the wedding preparation process with your celebrant.  Wedding preparations take a minimum of six months.  Please know that if you are not a parishioner at St. Mary, reserving the church does not automatically mean that the pastor will be your celebrant.

All preparation for your wedding, including music, are made only by the bride and/or the groom.

We look forward to celebrating your wedding at St. Mary.

Wedding Rules and Regulations

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