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   3:45 - 4 PM Reconciliation
   4:30 PM Mass

7 AM Spanish Mass
9:45 AM Mass
1:15 PM Spanish Mass


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310 Allen Street
Dayton, Ohio 45410




Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at about 8:00 am the volunteers start arriving at St. Mary’s/St. Vincent DePaul FoodPantry to fulfill their mission, which is clearly and simply “to feed the hungry”. First, our “back room boys” go to the freezers and refrigerators to package up enough protein to feed an average family for a week. Then the dry goodsare bagged and staged, ready for the hungry crowd that is already lining up outside.

Storage and distribution of these food items are critical and complicated processes. Prior to receiving the Greenlight Grant, we were using three very old and unreliable refrigerators. Not only were they unreliable causing the waste of food, their capacity was very low. With the new units purchased, as a result of The Dayton Foundation’s generous Greenlight Grant, we are able to provide basic nutritious food like milk, eggs, cheese and fresh produce for our clients.

St. Mary’s/St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry is located in one of the lowest income areas of the entire Dayton Community.Not only are there very few full-service food markets in the area, but even if there were, the community we serve could not afford to patronize them.

Through the generosity of The Dayton Foundation and the countless volunteers who give so freely of their time, talents and treasures we really are making a huge difference in the lives of many people in East Dayton. Thank you so much for helping us help others.


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On this Day O Beautiful Mother, George Brun Soloist

I Saw Three Ships

Recorded at St. Mary Catholic Church, performed by St. Mary Music Director Kathy Maresca (organ) and Eric Knorr (trumpet).


1920 Austin Organ Played in Concert by Ugo Sforza

1920 Austin Pipe Organ

On this Day O Beautiful Mother, George Brun Soloist
Ave Maria
Kathryn Maresca, Organ
Guy McIntosh, Trumpet
St. Mary 150th Anniversary

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